Wireless Backup Plan

Your internet connection is the lifeline to your business. If there is an unforeseen Internet outage, this loss of connection can impact your business. A reliable backup connection allows your team to communicate and keep business running. It empowers you to serve customers and process transactions under almost all circumstances.

Automatic backup connection

Wireless Backup automatically recognizes when there is a disruption to your wireliness Internet connection and seamlessly keeps your business applications connected to Canada's best national network.

Secure POS transactions

As an industry leader in network security, Bell ensures your customer data and transactions stay safe and secure.


Automatic notifications alert you when there is a disruption to your wireless Intenet connection and Wireless Backup has been reactivated. Text notifications are also sent when the wireless connection has been restored.

Keep your critical data protected and business operations up and running with Bell's dedicated wireless back up plan connectivity. Monthly fee starts at $10/month and automatically adjusts based on how much data you require. For example, if you use 400 MB of data during the month, you’ll pay $30, and if you use 50 MB the following month, your rate will be adjusted to $10. It’s that easy.