IoT Monitoring Solution

BeWhere is offering the next generation beacons that connect directly to dedicated LTE-M cellular networks. These beacons will provide the asset tracking capabilities for customers as enhanced environmental monitoring. Designed specifically for low bandwidth IoT applications easy to deploy and at a fraction of the cost of full-feature cellular.

In a nutshell, Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT) and Long Term Evolution for Machines (LTE-M) offer low bandwidth data connections at a low cost, and are appropriate for various applications such as Intelligent Transportation, Supply Chain Management, Smart Cities, Smart Agriculture, etc.

BeWhere-MIoT offers a full service of asset tracking and environmental sensing solutions. Utilizing LTE-M cellular technology, BeWhere-MIoT offers the lowest power and longest battery life to track, monitor and manage a wide variety of assets from durable to perishable goods, non-powered assets and environmental conditions.

IoT Dispatch Solutions

V4 brings Fleet Management and Mobile Resource Management together into ONE seamless application.  A complete comprehensive solution to help you optimize, manage and locate your mobile vehicles, equipment, people and high value assets.

Fleet Freedom Portal: A built-in dispatch tool to assign tasks to field employees, receive turn by turn routing to destinations and give task completion notifications to the back office.  Easily see which employees are on shift and working, what vehicles or equipment they are driving plus which tasks they’ve completed  throughout  the day.  Fully integrated with Google Maps Enterprise and Street View, you’ll also see an image of the area viewing someone’s location using Fleet Freedom.

V4 system is designed to be programmed by the user.  The users can tell Fleet Freedom how to behave, what information to utilize, and how mobile resources should respond,  an all in one, simple and easy to use user interface.

IoT Energy Management Solution

Gridpoint offers an Energy Management Solution (EMS) that not only reduces energy costs but offers a comprehensive suite of Smart Building features. The solution offers a 3 tier offering, which is designed to meet the unique needs of end customers.