Dedicated high-speed Internet access with the uptime your business demands

Your network is how your business stays connected. Running on Canada’s most advanced fibre optic network, Bell Business Internet Dedicated service is engineered to deliver the speed, scalability, performance and reliability your business needs today and tomorrow. Ideal for organizations looking to host a website, manage an email server or connect workstations over a LAN. Business Internet Dedicated service provides permanently connected, highspeed Internet access and is supported by industry-leading uptime guarantees and exceptional support from highly qualified professionals.

Plus, we offer comprehensive service level agreements (SLA), stringent security protection, and 24/7 monitoring to help ensure optimum performance and reliability.

The benefits of Bell Bsiness Internet Dedicated service

With Canada's most advance Fibre optic network, you can send and receive data faster in more places

Providing consistent upload and download speeds up to 10GBPS plus with 94 points of presence across the country - the most in Canada - Bell delivers maximum performance for your business

Our network uptime guarantee ensures exceptional availability for your Internet service

We provide 99.99% network availability backed by stringent SLA's, ensuring you have built-in redundancy that minimizes downtime and helps keep your business stay up and running

With flexible, tailored Internet solutions from Bell, you opay only for what you need

Choose the Internet service that best suits your requirements, whether you are a small satellite office or a large corporate headquarter. With our Internet options, you can quickly and easily scare to meet dynamic bandwich requirements

Business Internet Dedicated service is an IPv6 ready solution that also provides expert support to help you plan your migration from IPv4 and maintain business continuity

Our team of professionals can support your existing IPv4 applications while deploying IPv6 over the same Internet connection.

With our easy-to-use protal, you can monitor and gain insights into your Internet bandwidth consumption to ensure optimal performance

Reporting metrics including usage and uptime allow you to make decisions about your bandwidth capacity as your business evolves.