Public Internet WAN

Get the high-bandwidth WAN performance you need at an affordable rate

High-bandwidth wide-area connectivity is a critical business tool for information sharing and collaboration between locations. Maximizing productivity and performance depends on having secure, reliable bandwidth resources – with the flexibility to meet your current business needs and adapt to the demands of the future.

Running on Canada’s most advanced fibre optic network – with speeds as high as 10 Gbps – Bell hosted WAN provides permanently connected Internet access with exceptional uptime and performance.

Dependable connectivity - with performance guaranteed

Bell's network supports more than 80 percent of the network traffic in the country, making them Canada’s most trusted Internet service provider. Bell has the largest all-optical and wireless network, with a national footprint that reaches 99% of people and businesses in the country – and with investments totaling more than $3 billion made towards improving their network each year to ensure unparalleled speed, performance and reliability.

Bell has the largest team of any technology provider in Canada – including 3,000 certified professionals. With a Bell hosted solution, we're ready to work with you to design, build and implement your Internet solution, and support it with 24/7 management and monitoring.

Bell Managed Firewall services

Bell Managed Firewall services lets you protect organizational communications that are sensitive, confidential and critical in nature. It secures your corporate information assets from unauthorized access and malicious attacks. By outsourcing time-consuming and costly firewall management to Bell, you can focus on your core business needs. You have 24/7 access to security experts through our bilingual help desk.

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