A permanent, dedicated connection that delivers exceptional uptime and performance.

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) makes a connection for the telephones of all employees, both internal and offsite, as well as connecting them to the Public Switchboard Telephone Network through Trunk Lines. The primary advantage of PBX hosting is the cost savings. PBX has many other benefits including hunt groups, call forwarding and extension dialing.

Bell Hosted PBX delivers crystal-clear voice quality and a suite of advanced messaging, collaboration and conferencing tools. It provides performance and reliability you need, with all the flexibility and scalability of cloud infrastructure.

With Bell Hosted PBX, mobile and desktop applications ensure you’re available to make and receive calls at all times. It gives you the flexibility to manage your business communications from anywhere. Technology is evolving faster than ever, and keeping up with the latest releases can be costly, disruptive and time-consuming. Bell hosted PBX solution gives you access to the latest features with no interruption of service or additional work for your IT administrators.

Features of PBX include:

  • Automatic call distributor
  • Automated directory services (where callers can be routed to a given employee by keying or speaking the letters of the employee's name)
  • Automatic ring back
  • Call accounting
  • Call forwarding on busy or absence
  • Call park
  • Call pick-up
  • Call transfer
  • Call waiting
  • Camp-on
  • Conference call
  • Custom greetings
  • Customized Abbreviated dialing (Speed Dialing)
  • Busy Override
  • Direct Inward Dialing
  • Direct Inward System Access (DISA) (the ability to access internal features from an outside telephone line)
  • Do not disturb (DND)
  • =Follow-me
  • Interactive voice response
  • Music on hold
  • Night service
  • Shared message boxes (where a department can have a shared voicemail box)
  • Voice mail
  • Voice message broadcasting
  • Voice paging (PA system)
  • Welcome Message
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