Business Internet Dedicated (BID)

Running on Canada’s most advanced network

Business Internet Dedicated service hosted by Bell gives customers permanently connected, high-speed Internet access with exceptional uptime and performance. It offers comprehensive service-level agreements, stringent security protection, and 24/7 monitoring to ensure optimum performance and reliability.

Bell's Business Internet Dedicated Service is engineered to deliver the speed, scalability, performance and reliability your business needs – both today and tomorrow.

A fully managed Internet service with multiple access options, Bell Business Internet Dedicated Service can meet the needs of organizations of all sizes, from those with as few as two workstations to those with more than 30. Offering extensive performance reporting and up to 32 static IPv4 addresses as well as availability of IPv6 addresses, it’s ideal for website hosting, email server management and connecting workstations over a local area network (LAN).

Types of BID

BID OE Burstable

  • Is idea for businesses that occasionally require additional Internet bandwidth for short intervals.

BID OE Fixed

  • Is suited for businesses that have stable bandwidth requirements and need to control their Internet usage and expense.

BIE OE Reversed

  • Is ideal for businesses that require no degradation of service and require dedicated bandwidth. Businesses where success hinges on the Internet could benefit most from this option.


  • Positioned where BID OE is not available or appropriate. Suited for businesses that require reliable, symmetrical connection to support their mission-critical applications.


  • Positioned where BIE OE or BIE T1 is not avalable or appropriate. Best used with businesses with fewer than 50 employees or a small local network, companies with servers which require a 24/7 internet connection, or customers seeking a fully managed Internet solution.
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